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Plant Care Consultations provide practical steps that one can use when caring for almost any species of household plants. During all 45-minute to 1- hour sessions, Jade will observe the client's space for proper lighting, plant placement, watering, soil, fertilizing, pruning or notching, and easy care tips that one can use on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. Consultations are ideal for novice plant parents. But it can be beneficial to plantsmen and women who need assistance with trouble areas or reassurance that they are providing their plants with all that they need to prosper.

Why do I need this service?

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Plant Care Consultations

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Proper lighting is one of the essential aspects of plant care. Understanding the difference between low, medium, and high light will save a plant parent money and time.  



Many novice plant parents are unsure of the benefits of fertilizing, so through my plant care consultations, we discuss how plants need nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. 



Overwatering, underwater, and erratic watering tend to plague the plant community. Every plant requires something very different when it comes to watering, and once you understand that the rest is relatively easy. 

Pruning or Notching

Cutting a plants is easier than it looks and it encourages growth. 


Common Issues

Yellowing and browning leaves, along with pests, is just a few of the common issues one may experience when bringing plants in their home. Knowing what to do when these issues arise or how to correct them once they are present is critical.


To re-pot or not

Re-potting your plant immediately is not always necessary unless you're experiencing a few common issues.